LIFT Developer Documentation

We are in the process of migrating LIFT’s developer documents online. In the meantime, please contact support if you need developer documentation and we will email it to you. Below is an extract from the documentation to provide an overview.

Quick Start

The LIFT Platform has Web Services that allow 3rd party developers to access to a subset of LIFT business processes. The LIFT Platform allows authorized partners to access data stored on the LIFT Platform, including:

Getting Started

To use LIFT Platform’s Web Services you must complete the authorization process. To start this process contact You will receive credentials for your web application.


Data is transmitted securely using HTTPS with TLS encryption Connecting to the Web Services requires using one of two methods.

Whitelisting IP Addresses

Send the IP Addresses that need to be whitelisted.

IP Address(es) / CIDR Range Example: / 32

Test if Server IP Address is Whitelisted

Run this CURL command to test if this IP address is whitelisted.

curl -v -X GET ""

Third Party Developer Partner Authentication Tokens

Key Usage Value
API Key HTTP Header {client_key}
Secret Key HTTP Header {client_secret}

Test User Credentials and Confirm Service is Available

Run this CURL command to test the connection status using a IP whitelisted developer server

curl -v -H "CLIENT-KEY:{client_key}" -H "CLIENT-SECRET:{client_secret}" -X GET ""

Tips for API Requests and Responses

Troubleshooting Authentication Problems